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A space is defined through the articulation of its details. It is the principles of design which actualize that articulation through color, form, texture, and light. With a commitment to the principles of design any space has the ability to fully realize it’s potential. It is this belief which Michael Mandapati’s Warp & Weft has maintained since inception and it is the standard which Warp & Weft brings to every space.   

In its very name Warp & Weft expresses a commitment to what is fundamental and essential in design. Like any art, décor is first of all conceptual, and concepts, like rugs, begin with the foundations that bind and structure the details into a unified whole. As warps and wefts are interwoven, we strive to achieve that perfect intersection of form, color, and texture essential to all great rugs and carpets.  In a sense the rug is itself the foundation of the larger space that it inhabits. The overall design of a space is spun out from the core or matrix that the rug provides.  Warp & Weft’s approach to design was born from the recognition of this unity. With this in mind we strive to realize the true potential of every space, however simple or complex, to find the most beautiful and ideal rug for every project.

With this vision as a priority Warp & Weft believes that the dialogue of design can begin.

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