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The history of carpet weaving is at least 2,500 years old, spans many geographies, and is a rich reservoir of unique aesthetics and techniques. It is from this lineage of design that Warp & Weft curates an elevated offering of rugs and carpets, each an exemplary representation of traditional design from one of the major weaving centers of the world. Whether from Afghanistan, India, Thailand, Turkey, Morrocco, or the cradle of carpet making itself Persia - modern day Iran - each new or antique carpet is selected on its merits of craftsmanship, design integrity, and finesse in order to bring refined old-world ornamentation into contemporaneous interiors.

Handcrafted to order in bespoke sizes, colors, shapes, and materials using traditional indigenous techniques paired with Warp & Wefts’ modern understanding of suitability, value, and finishes. Lead times vary.


To be Modern is to be informed by the arts and crafts, the cultural and social mores of this time. It requires the aesthetic lens to discern the most critical and essential elements of the zeitgeist, examining the collective sum of what is au courant, removing the superfluous to distill the sublime. Refined and pure with an attention to detail this era affords, Warp & Weft Modern is replete with newfound ornamentation inspired by the creative abundance of the world today.

Woven expressly for Warp & Weft to the exact standards for which we are known, our Modern carpets are available from stock or fully made-to-order to your specifications. Whether in color, shape, size, or material each bespoke carpet is crafted using time-honored traditional indigenous techniques.


Ever since itinerate traders first encountered the lustrous fiber known as silk, its shimmering surface has evoked luxury like few other fibers can. When employed as an accent, its sheen enlivens the more matte finish of wool carpet; when used in abundance for the entirety of a carpet, silk expresses an indulgent splendor unmatched by imitations. At once both durable and glistening, the minimal forms of Warp & Weft Silks are form forward, allowing the natural beauty of silk to radiate.

Available either as shown or made-to-order to your color, size, and shape specifications, each carpet embodies Warp & Weft’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and fidelity to traditional weaving techniques.


Structure always dictates aesthetics, none more so readily apparent than that of the flatweave. Distinct from the perhaps more familiar pile carpet, flatweaves are in essence heavyweight fabrics whose pioneering structure speaks to the earliest forms of weaving. This naiveté of form prescribes a design language which encourages figurative and bold elements, deft use of materials, and an embrace of color and contrast in every Warp & Weft Flatweave.

Traditional carpets are available fully bespoke to the exact standards for which Warp & Weft is renowned.  Whether in shape, color, size, or material, each bespoke carpet is crafted using time-honored traditional techniques well suited to your specifications.



With all the luxury, comfort, and style found in collections made for the more classically considered indoor environment, Warp & Weft Outdoor extends superior design to the out of doors via a collection of moisture proof carpets designed to be not only beautiful upon installation, but throughout their exposure to weather and the elements. Made using expressive techniques shared with our indoor tufted and flatware collections, these carpets offer exceptional ease of cleaning made possible through the use of Luxury Polypropylene or Alfresco Yarn.

Available in either Luxury Polypropylene or Alfresco Yarn, and in fully bespoke design, size, color, and shape options. Suitable for indoor use. Hand tufted or hand woven expressly for Warp & Weft in Thailand.


Luxury Residential Tufted

Warp & Wefts’ Luxury Residential Tufted carpets offer a similarly plush tactile feel to that of our hand-knotted collections, yet incorporate state-of-the-craft techniques allowing creativity and artistic expression a place of prominence unseen in other methods of construction. Matched with our commitment to detail and precision, we’re able to create beautifully imaginative tufted carpets for Interior Design and Architectural clients who appreciate both performance and aesthetics.

Available in a variety of material options each suited toward specific durability and aesthetic desires, and in fully bespoke size, color, and shape options. Hand tufted expressly for Warp & Weft in Thailand.

Boutique Hospitality Tufted

Through our comprehensive understanding of the underlying and oft stringent market and regulatory requirements of the boutique hospitality and contract environments, Warp & Warp offers a resilient floor-covering option well suited to these demands. Featuring state-of-the-craft techniques, our Boutique Hospitality Tufted carpets allow for fully realized artist expression, balanced against time, cost, durability, and aesthetics without compromising the values of quality and workmanship required in such settings.

Available in a variety of material options each suited toward specific durability and aesthetic desires, and in fully bespoke size, color, and shape options. Hand tufted expressly for Warp & Weft in India.




Textile Art

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