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Michael Mandapati founded Warp & Weft on a simple premise of excellence – to provide the finest rugs possible to the international design community.  The first Warp & Weft gallery opened on New York’s Madison Avenue in 2001 with a curated collection of exceptional antique and period carpets.  Based on a deep understanding of those old rugs, Michael introduced a series of Modern Collections soon after and each one revealed an unwavering commitment to quality through the use of superior materials and time-honored weaving traditions.  In 2013, Michael established the current Warp & Weft showroom in New York’s Design & Decoration Building as an architectural space in which rugs can be viewed and experienced more fully.  This open and minimal environment is the heart of Warp & Weft.

From here, Michael has developed new offerings like Custom Design, Curated Broadloom, and Designers Studio Collections.  Through this evolution, Michael’s approach toward rug making was – and still is – to design and create distinctive rugs that are both old and new, contemporary and timeless for modern, luxury interiors.  Warp & Weft rugs can be found in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects worldwide and the brand has been recognized as an industry leader for years.