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Workshop/ APD - Designer Rugs & Carpets | Warp & Weft NYC

Andrew Kotchen and Matthew Berman

The Atlantic Collection is a series of rugs designed by Workshop/APD based on their extensive body of work completed on Nantucket.  Each series in the collection brings the island’s textures, shapes, and hues to life and into residential and commercial spaces with a luxe, sophisticated aesthetic that transcends the traditional definition of a coastal aesthetic.

Architecture and interior design firm Workshop/APD was founded by Andrew Kotchen and Matthew Berman in 1999. Since its founding, the firm has built a roster of work that runs the gamut from sleek urban lofts to luxurious family homes, high-end multi-family developments to trend-setting restaurants and hotels. By offering architecture, interior design, and product design under one roof, Workshop/APD crafts transformative projects that are layered, unified, and creatively imagined at every step of the design process. They embrace craftsmanship and materials that have a worked quality to them and believe passionately in the power of design to shape the human experience.

*Photography by Donna Dotan

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